1 / Is it necessary to create a new account on the site to participate through the SooqBasha?


 After creating your account on SooqBasha, all your information will be kept, you can complete all your transactions and follow up your orders quickly and it will provide you with all services as required.
So it's better for you to create a new account.
If you would like to be active on SooqBasha from selling, buying or browsing without the desire to create a special account on SooqBasha, you can do so as well.

2 / What steps should be taken if you want to create a new account on the site?

You can create a new account on SooqBasha in Jordan with a few very simple and easy steps by following the steps mentioned:
Click the Sign in icon.
After you click on Sign In, you will see a window with an e-mail and a password below it. Below you will find a password. Below you will find a sign in, just click on it and then you will automatically go to the registration page.
Now just fill in your data and it will show you very clearly:
 (Your email address - enter your password - confirm your password by typing it again - and then choose the category that suits you by clicking on the account type and you will see two choices (shop - personal seller).
Click Next and complete your data.
Note:if you want your email to appear to others you will find an icon (post my email) Click on it to activate this feature.
If you do not want your email to appear to others, leave the 'Publish Your Email' icon intact without ticking it.

3 / I entered the password and confirmed it but it was not accepted in the process of creating my account, what is the reason?

Password policy on SooqBasha must contain at least three characters so retype the password and confirm it with at least three characters in it.
Note: The error may be a password mismatch, and we also recommend that you validate the e-mail.

4 / Can I change the language used on SooqBasha?

Yes, you can do this easily; just click the Ar icon
You will then be given the choice of language (Arabic - English).
Choose the language you prefer.

5 / I registered on SooqBasha, I want to know the advantages and functions of the portal to benefit from them.

Well, my friend we are pleased that you joined SooqBasha, so welcome.
Quite simply and briefly:
This site seeks to establish an electronic market for the State of Jordan, including all its governorates.
With this site you can add free advertising ads; you can also browse the ads of others in the beloved country of Jordan.
The idea of ​​this portal is to provide an electronic market through which the seller can contact the buyer for the people of Jordan or even the people of the same governorate.

6 / How can I contact sellers to complete the sale and purchase of the Pasha market portal?

You can find out more about advertising by contacting the advertiser "Ad owner" where there is more than one way to connect:
- You can use the feature to add a comment on the ad by clicking on "Add Comment" and a question will be answered by the advertiser.
- You can also contact directly with the owner of the advertisement by clicking the call button shown in the advertisement.

7 / How can I cancel my add on SooqBasha?

To disable your add, follow these steps:
Access your " SooqBasha "account by logging in and clicking "My Ads". And selecting the ad to delete it
 With this page, you can choose the right add by clicking on the effective adds, then you can delete any of your adds on the SooqBasha.
If you want to permanently delete the add from your page on the site you can select ads and then click on "delete".

8 / Was my add disapproved? What is the reason?


Some adds are rejected from the SooqBasha because the add does not meet one or more of our Terms of Use, so please adjust your ad to match the terms and conditions for the add to run successfully.

9 / I am from outside Jordan. Can I use this portal when I want to?

SooqBasha is dedicated to the State of Jordan and all its governorates where you can browse SooqBasha and publish it and participate in it and complete the sales and purchases on it, if you are from outside Jordan, you can browse this portal and follow up on what is new on it.

10 / Why my add that I downloaded on SooqBasha is waiting?

Do not worry about. Pending adds are adds that are previewed by the content control team to ensure that they do not violate the site's terms of use. Advertising for one of the conditions.

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