Terms of Use

Terms of Use for SooqBasha.com
There are some terms in Sooq Basha and its interpretation:
Advertiser: The person who has submitted his advertisement and added it on the the website SooqBasha, regardless of whether registered on the site or not registered.
Member: Any person who has registered an account on the SooqBasha is a member of SooqBasha.com
Browser: Anyone who browses SooqBashaand looks at the ad available at SooqBasha.com

- SooqBashaterminology is anfundamental part of the terms of this agreement.

- Must take into account the credibility and good ethics in the data entered in the declarations and any comments on SooqBasha.

- We must observe the teachings of our Islamic religion and not violate Islamic law in all data entered, whether in ads or statements of the member, and any violation issued without the observance of the teachings of Islamic law will lead to the deletion of the declaration and may lead to the termination of membership on the site.

- Be sure to verify the registration data entered in SooqBashain terms of:

  Contact numbers or e-mail, keeping it up-to-date.

If this information is found to be incorrect, this will result in termination of membership on the site.

- It is not permitted to use an inappropriate user name or to use obscure letters or numbers in the registration process.

- The membership of the registrar is automatically canceled if it has been registered for more than one year on the site and has not been used.

- The member or advertiser knows that his or her contact information (phone number or e-mail address) that he or she added on the site will be posted on the website so that the other party can communicate with him and complete the business process with him.

 Therefore, the site does not oblige the confidentiality of these data and the member and the advertiser bear full responsibility for everything related to it and fill it in the site.

- The agreements or business transactions (hiring, selling, buying, renting, interviews, etc.) between the parties to the process (advertiser and browser) directly and without any responsibility or interference from the site.

- When adding an ad, make sure to add it in its correct position in terms of section and subcategory.

- Credibility must be followedin all added ad data (ad title, ad text, headline, contact numbers, etc.).

- It is not allowed to repeat the same advertisement more than once on SooqBasha, which will delete all duplicate ads, and if repeated ad from the same member more than once will lead to loss of membership.

- Ads must be direct and unclear or incomplete ads are not allowed.

- No links to other sites are allowed to beadvertised.

- The advertiser has the right to add a set of images for each ad in any section or category.

- For inquiries or suggestions, you can contact the site management directly and in all the ways available on the contact us page.

- The site is for the State of Jordan where the site is available for visitors and members to enable them to easily access promotional advertisements.

 The information provided on the Site is for personal use only. Reproduction or copying of information may not be reproduced to increase traffic to any other site for commercial or informational reasons, including advertisements.

- You must not copy, reproduce, publish, broadcast, modify, distribute, commercialize, distribute, distribute, publish, broadcast, distribute, publish, broadcast, or make available through the Services or make such content available through the Web.

The Company may change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time. Your continued use of the Site and its services after the amendment of these terms and conditions is your acceptance of all such terms and conditions.

- Since the advertisements on Sooq Basha are entered by all users and members of the site in all the governorates of Jordan, the site is not responsible for any ads that do not achieve credibility.

- Your use of the Site means your acceptance and compliance with all the terms of the above Agreement.

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